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Characteristics of Thai architecture in terms of design. That can comfortably adjust to the building. Are being overlooked. When the architecture of all the Thai people will remember the look and shape of architectural elements in Thai only. This article attempts to present in a different light, that is, in terms of key variables that make Thai architecture that can improve the environment. Buildings that are comfortable with. The architect who designed the building owner or the person concerned. Do not overlook these things go. Since the mid-Rattanakosin period onwards. Western culture and technology influence the development of Thailand continues as well. The architecture as well. Architecture of Thailand has changed both in shape and technique of the building, western and Thai people to come in and build up the climate is hot and humid in Thailand in spite of that we do not know whether it is suitable for housing. In our climate, this trend is spreading rapidly in the last few decades. And we hardly saw the development of Thai architecture built at all. "Modern architecture" has been replaced. "Thai architecture."
Fresh air from the trees that grow alongside. Courtesy of you and your family will be stronger and more energy-efficient air conditioning costs down, the fans, of course.
thai house plan
The house applications plans . The design, integrated into the modern era. Perfectly. By the uniqueness of Thai arts. The trim around the house Bua Thai pole bracing galaxy.
But combined with the durability and construction materials in easily.
     House design was applied in the contemporary (Contemporary). Emphasizing the beauty of Thai style in the past and focus on living in today. And blend.
What appears to be a Thai identity and the roots of it.
thai house plan
thai plan
The identity of the Thai-style house plans

1. The design of the house plans, lift from ground level to actually increase the feeling of space, but use the same budget. The raised floor space that can be used to store a lot of variety.
2. Our home plans design a beautiful Thai style. Details on Thai-style. Remains unique to Thailand. Thai architecture.
3. Windows designed to be positioned. Current and a large home to. Ventilate well. And let the wind blow into the house easily.
4. The roof of a ventilation hole. Helps reduce the heat under the roof. And add beauty to your home.



Highlights of the house applications plans.
In the way of price and quality
1. The design is the positioning of doors and windows are large and round the house(thai style). For the relief of the home and to exhaust. The wind can flow more easily. For example, the bedroom upstairs and 2 rooms designed with windows to 3 sides of the walls. (Most of the bedroom in the home is usually the only two sides of the room).
The living room and eat on the mezzanine level of the house.
2. A home can be adapted to the attic to be used in the collection or book collection.
3. house plans have a storage room in the home with 7 m high, 1.5 meters, which can store large quantities (can be applied to the book room).
4. There is a storage room outside the house 36 square meters in height and 1.5 meters (total floor mezzanine), which can keep your big moment. Do not clutter out of sight.
5. Suitable for medium size family. There is not much land. Can make the price of 1 million Baht As well as on a conventional house.

thai house plan
house plan
thai house
For example, a Thai style house on the right side.
For example, a Thai style house on the left side.
thai house
thai style
Thai-style houses in the sample.
This house is an attic that can be added.
The storage below the house.
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Thai-style resort, this home was designed with large windows and a large number.
To take into account the air flow. The most natural way by air, thus allowing the wind to blow through.
Into the room all the time to build. Comfort to the body. To get fresh air from the air, the air circulation will help reduce heat.
And humidity to the house as well.

The data from studies in Thailand, we found that in the tropics, most of them require good air circulation throughout the year. The open design of the room. In addition to the wind to pass through the room and must be provided. The way the wind out of the room to allow the flow of air into the home of the openings in the air alone will not be able to breeze through the room. The walls are closing in on the scene as opposed to the wind and the high pressure air in the room was not enough. Think bottle filled with water when the water will overflow into the other.

In order to allow air circulation must be a good way to air out the size. With air through a wide maximum aperture. For ventilation I speed up the movement of the wind where the wind pressure to help cool to have the wind out of the larger and wider than the wind, although wind is invisible, but we do. design a house to be used. Advantage of the wind as much as possible.
Therefore, the Thai house, this part of the bedroom and two rooms upstairs that are designed to have the window up to 3 sides of the room, which is rarely seen in a general, in which the window is only 2. side of the room to meet with the principles mentioned above, so of course that if your bedroom is a good air circulation. And combined with fresh air from the trees that grow alongside. Courtesy of you and your family will be stronger and more energy-efficient air conditioning costs down, the fans, of course.



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thai style one story house plans (BP03)
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